Godai Yuhsaku (godai) wrote,
Godai Yuhsaku

This weekend.

This weekend I did something I normally do, but not what I normally do.

I went on a camping foam fighting thing. Which isn't new for me. But what is new is the group I went to.

This weekend was my first NERO event. Nero is a larger national version of the foam fighting campouts that I normally go to.

Now one would expect national version means more people. But the group (NEONero) is brand new. This was their first event.

First off I got there around 8 pm. Still light. But heres the funny part I was the ONLY PC. So people were starting to get worried. Turns out alot of people couldn't go. Heck of the people I know a bunch couldn't go.

They were even talking about turning it into a bunch of mods where people rotate being PCs. But another 4 players showed up from another chapter (as I said Nationwide group. ) Now here is where the game dynamics went wierd.

I am playing my 2nd level character (you actually start out as 2nd lvl). The other 4.....

Lets say that they had over 5 times the amount I had to spend so were all at least 10th lvl if not alot more.

So the pcs consisted of four uberhosses. and me the newbie.

Needless to say i hooked up with them and became PET BOY.

So the event went with them doing thier tactics and taking crap down with me helping where i could. Though the funny thing was I did fill a niche they didn't have.

The four guys were two barbarians who fought board and sword. A caster with little/no weapon. and another caster with polearm.

I had my staff. They swung like 4-6 magic. Eventually getting to 8 magic at the end. I swung 2 normal.

But I had my fighting style to my advantage. I'm not sure how to even describe it except for opportunistic. I generally didn't hide. I was poking from behind the shields. I can't begin to count the number of times I back shotted npcs.

And I at least provided some humor to other people.

For example, They have circles. These circles are where you come back to life at. If you aren't "invested" in a circle. You need an "invested" person to let you in or out. They are typically a safe place to hide. So people will run to the circle and yell "let me in, let me in" Well one time I was being chased and someone in the circle said "Godai In" as I was going by. Problem was I was near full run. I can handle turns fairly quickly. but not dead stops. which is what it would take. I managed to however pull of a looney toon momment. Where I literally ran around the circle and ran past the person chasing me. Its a little hard to describe but it got funny looks from people and I heard from behind me as I got away from the chaser. "Well I guess that works too...."

Though the best tactic that I had fun with. Tables. If you have seen me fight I use terrain to a large extent. Steep hill with little painful obstructions. Run/jump/slide. I'm down the hill.

Or in this case. We are in the tavern for alot of the event. Considering the tavern's max occup was about 200-300. And there were only 20 or so people in our group. There was alot of stacked tables. Now fortunately for me there was nothing under said table except legs. At one point I was trapped on one side of staked tables with NPCs closing in on both sides. So what did I do. I dove under the tables. and came around behind the NPCs and started backstabbing. They turn on me the other PCs chewed them up then took care of the ones on the're back. If I ran into trouble. Under the table. Over a bench. Didn't matter.

But I did turn into a yo-yo. Other pcs. had 20+ hp. One had like 30pts of armor as well.

I had 5 hp. and 10 pts of armor. I went through 2 suits of armor over the weekend. So alot of the time. I was at 5 hp.

Though at one point I managed to get to 21. Through generous spell giving.

So I would go down and someone would hit me with a cure light and i would be back up. then back down. Then back up.

The way I staff fight. I can block like a SOB. But I open too much when trying to be offensive.

So I had a fun time. Now here's the funny part. The chapter is restricted on how much coin and items it can put out an event. For this event they could put out 1 item. When we got it. We drew lots. Pulled glass beads from a bag. I got it. So there I was with a magic sword I couldn't use. Now the sword was very good. +3 magic sword Protection from Ice twice a day. Now obviously the high level guys wanted it. So I traded. While one person said how he would have just kept the sword and learned the skill. I realized there were some flaws with that plan.

1. I was sleeping in the same cabin as the high lvls. Gacking potential.
2. I would be fighting with a single sword. Which I dislike against opponents with other styles.

3. Next event when all my friends came, I knew there would be at least some talk about greater good. and giving the magic sword to one of the front line fighters.

So I traded it to the other group. I got a magic item that I could put to use. That lets me do 6 elemental damage with my staff 3 times a day. and lets me swing magic damage against two opponents today (elemental is 3 swings, magic is against 2 people)

Plus they gave me over 14 potions. And around 5 scrolls, a trap, and a silver staff.

In asking an uninvolved party the magic items were of comparable worth. So I made out in the long run. Because I got items more useable by myself.

Now the other thing was. These guys didn't really care about the coins. Correction. They didn't care about silver. They cared about gold. So for the most part. If I picked up acoin I got to keep it. The one guy kept trying to teach me how to skim off the top. Because I kept trying to give money to the group (after I had already skimmed my share).

So here is how the weekend went with possessions.
Started with:
1- 10pt suit of armor
1- normal staff
15 silver.

Ended with
No armor
2 staffs (1 normal/1 silver)
Magic Broach
14 potions
2 traps (berserk/weakness)
5 scrolls
1 formal magic component (common, had another but lost it, had a rare one but had traded for the common in the sake of public relations)

They have this thing were you get X amount of xp for attending. And you can buy another X at the end of the event with in game money. Which for a 1st time player is 3 gold or 30 silver. Needless to say I bought it.

So I had fun. The campsite was great. And I will go again. The only problem is that they only have 2 more events for the year. So I think i might try going to one of the other chapters.

But Not sure yet depends on schedule and money issues.

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