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Ok basics for those if anyone doesn't know.

I have my B.S. in comp sci.

I've had it for almost 4 years now.

I've worked about 1 1/2 - 2 of those 4 in my field.

I had gotten laid off because of slowness in business and i was last one hired. So was on unemployment for about a year.

Then took a semester of classes. Then started work as a temp at the place I am now.

Then I managed to get a partial assistantship at the university and get most of the work done on my masters.

which brings us to the past three weeks.

Right now I have three major income possibilities.

Two are full commitments. One is a commitment to work followed by possible full time. Another is lesser full time.

Ok there are four things on my plate right now.

First off. The University. They have given me a full assistantship for fall and spring. Which would mean they would pay for my classes completely and I would get $500 every other week. (which would be for 20 hrs work or so)

Second. I have manpower. The typist job i'm working at could last out the summer. I'd be making (10 an hour) which is what I have been making.

Now these two are the safe bets. I work manpower until fall. Then do the assistantship. Hopefully graduate in december with my masters and go from there.

Now the risks. If I talked to you latly you would of heard of archestral. They are a small company who got my resume through the university. I met with them two thursdays ago at a Starbucks. And the guy speant most of the interview talking about his product. And not about my qualifications. Well he hyped it up about me working there and such. And it unsettled me how little he talked about me and my credentials. So he sends me a contract.

This contract has a no-compete, non-disclosure, and a property of clause (anything I develop, that uses thier "Proprietary information", is theres while I work there and for a year after) That plus stuff mentioned at the interview wasn't in there.

Basically my understanding was that they were going to put me on 90 day contract to work for them. They would pay for software tools and internet connect plus pay. I'd work at home. After 90 days they would decide if they want me to be full time employee.

Contract had none of the last paragraph in it. Basically no limit on the contract. No real definition of what my work would be just that i'd be providing "services" (not defined) for X amount of money. Oh and it was an "at-will" contract. Meaning Either could end it at any time with no notice. He tells me it seams harsh but isn't really. Uncle who does contracting and guy at manpower job who does contracting both had some issues with the contract. So emailed him the issues.

He sent back a email which restated what he said at interview and sent a revised contract.

So this morning I ask him about meeting everyone. And he replies with "I am introducing individuals we hire rather than applicants." So I ask what the next step is and he says call at a convienant time. Which I will do during lunch.

But I think I may have blown it with my being cautious/hessitant. Oh at the contract was not for archestral which the guy owns but another company where the only thing i can find on the web about the company is on archestral's webpage.

Now the 4th. Is the most risky. For a while myself and two other guys have been talking about starting up our own business. I'm the computer guy part of the group. Its doing video business cards. And a complex version for autodealers to get customer information.
It sounds like the other two are making a big push to get this going. And I will need to do some heavy work in the next week to make it work.

So to top it off here are my income possibilities at the momment. Until the end of the year.

Manpower/University (gaurenteed for the most part but making 10 full time then 10.25 partime)

Archestral (possibly make $4000 a month, maybe more after 3 months)

Archestral/University (4000 a month for 3 months, then 10.25 part time)

Manpower/friends/University (10.00, anywhere from $0-$8000 a month, 10.25)

Archestral/friends/University (4000 a month, $0-$8000, 10.25)

while the last one has the most benefits. It also is the most stressful and I know I will probably go insane.

Basically how the last two would work is me keeping a day job until money from friends job starts up.

I'm just unsure how to handle the decisions and keep myself sane.

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