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Really Long Survey

The One-Hour Survey!
Phred's survey./ Vito/ Sandra
It's very long.

1. Where did you find this survey? or Who brought it to your attention?crotalus_atrox's Post
2. How old are you? 25
3. What is your gender? male.
4. What is your country of birth? USA
5. What country were your parents born in? USA
6. What is your genealogical makeup (the country of birth of your known ancestors)? polish/jewish
7. Has anyone in your family, as far as you know, prepared a family tree? Yes.
8. If your answer to question 7 was "yes", do you know how far back they have been able to trace? Don't know never really looked at it
9. What language(s) do you speak? English, Spanish, and a bit of Japanese
10. Do you speak a different language at home (your present home or when you're with your parents or close relatives) to that you speak "in the street"? Nope
11. How "comfortable" are you using English - for example, do you find it easy reading and responding to this survey (in a purely language-related sense)? Very
12. Are you generally identified In Real Life by the name your parents gave you? Not always
13. If your parents/siblings heard or saw you identified by the name(s) you are known by on-line, would they know immediately that it was you? Sibling Yes parents probably not
14. Would you like to legally change your name? Not really
15. If your answer to question 14 was "yes", what's stopping you?

• Your place.

16. Which continent do you live in? North America
17. Which country? USA
18. On average, do you believe the place where you live is too cold, too hot, or just right? Wet
19. Name five things that you believe the rest of the world knows best about your country. Lazy Workers, Capitalists Pigs, Prudism, Baseball, Corruption
20. Name five things you believe the rest of the world should know about your country, but probably doesn't. Birth of Foam Fighting, Anime Conventions, Great TV, The numble of normal people who live here, That there are open minded people here.
21. Are you homeless, or have you ever been without a permanent place of residence? No.
22. If you are not currently homeless, what type of residence do you live in now (for example: high-rise unit, detached house, flat)? House.
23. How many other people share this residence with you? 5
24. Do you live with your parents (birth or otherwise) or other genetically-related relatives (other than your children, if any - for example: brother, maternal grandparents)? My brother
25. Do any pets share the residence (species and number)? 3 cats though 1 will be leaving soon
26. If you could choose anywhere in the world to live, where would it be? Possibly Japan

• My place.

27. Name five things that you know about Australia. Crocodile Dundee. Tie my kangeroo down sport. Barrier Reefs. Koalas. Lots of Japanese Tourists
28. Name five cities in Australia. Melbourne, Sydney...
29. Name five native Australian animal and/or plant species. Kangaroo, Koala, wallabes. Tasmanian Devil. Eucalypus Trees
30. How many years have you been using the internet? 7 or 8 years.
31. Do you access the internet primarily for business or pleasure? Pleasure.
32. What's your main access point to the internet (for example: work, home, school)? All of the above
33. What browser do you use to surf the web? IE
34. What do you hate about your browser? Fact that its Microsoft spawn.
35. What are its best features? *shrug*
36. Have you ever changed your primary browser? yes
37. What is your favourite website? LJ and slashdot and all the comics i read.
38. What is your favourite type of website (for example: comics, porn)? All the webcomics
39. What is your favourite search engine? Google
40. What was the last search that you did? a search for a gundam wing phrase's meaning
41. How many times per week, on average, would you use a search engine? probably over 100
42. Do you use an Instant Messaging system (for example: ICQ, AIM)? I use AIM, icq, msn, yahoo.
43. How many people are on your Contact List? AIM: about 20, icq about 60, msn: 4, yahoo 4
44. How many of those do you know in real life? about 10
45. Do you use an on-line e-mail system (for example: Hotmail)? no
46. How many active e-mail accounts do you have (those that you use)? Two.
47. How many contacts do you have in your e-mail address book? a couple.
48. How many of those do you know in real life? not sure
49. Have you ever changed your IM account or dropped an e-mail address deliberately, in order to "hide" from people you no longer wish to associate with, or to avoid a steady influx of spam? Not really


• Your mind.

50. Do you really love yourself? Not generally
51. Do you get depressed fairly regularly? Any particular reason? Yeah. Lonelyness
52. Have you ever felt suicidal? Nope
53. Have you ever seriously attempted suicide, or otherwise injured yourself deliberately? No.
54. Do you think you would be capable, in a different place and time (for example, during wartime) of inflicting pain or possibly death on another person in order to extract information (in other words, to torture someone)? Nope
55. Do you think you would be capable, in a different place and time (for example, during wartime) of inflicting pain or possibly death on another person in order to extract revenge? Don't know
56. If you were a villain, what kind of villain would you be (for example: Machiavellian schemer, mad doctor, super-powered psycho)? Mad Scientist
57. What always makes you smile? a hug.
58. What's the best moment in your life to date? my first anime con
59. What (or who) has made you happiest in your life to date? My parents.
60. What event made you the saddest in your life to date? Don't really know.
61. What's more important to you on a day-to-day basis, after work or school are done - spending time with friends or spending time alone? Time alone cause its more prevalent.
62. What physical space (if any) do you escape to when you want to free your mind? My room
63. Is there anywhere or anything you find encourages particular creativity in your thoughts - gives you your "best ideas"? in the bathroom lights off shower running.
64. What was/is your favourite subject in school (other than phys. ed.)? Computer Class
65. What was/is your least favourite subject in school (other than phys. ed.)? English
66. Did you do/are you [doing/considering] a college or university degree? Got a B.s. in Comp Sci
67. Do you own a dictionary? Do you use it often? Yes, not really.
68. Should toilet paper hang in front or behind the roll? In front.

• Your soul.

69. Are you spiritual? At times
70. What, if any, religious group do you "belong" to? By jewish law i'm jewish but i tend to be agnostic
71. What, if any, religious group did your parents "belong" to when you were a child? Catholic and jewish.
72. Did you ever rebel against your parents spirituality as a child/teenager? Not really.
73. Do you believe you have a soul and, if so, what do you believe it is? Yes, and it simply is
74. Do you believe in an afterlife? I think so but eventually i will find out
75. What, above all else, do you believe? I believe that there is something out there

• Your body.

76. How would you describe your height (for example: average, petite)? Average
77. How would you describe your build (for example: overweight, scrawny)? overweight
78. Would you like to change either of the above two aspects of your physical self? drop about 100 pounds
79. What is your opinion on circumcision? umm well i didn't really have a choice over the matter
80. Are you circumcised (yes, Virginia, females can be circumcised - but, thankfully, on the whole aren't)? Yep Chop chop.
81. What is your opinion on body piercing? Not for me.
82. What is your opinion on tattoos? See last answer
83. What is your opinion on other forms of permanent body decoration (for example: scarification, branding)? see 81 and 82
84. Do you shave your head, or have you ever? Nope.
85. Do you shave your pubes, or have you ever? Nope
86. Do you shave most or all of your body hair, or have you ever? nope
87. Would you change gender if there was a "magic", but irreversible, pill available today? Nope.
88. Would you change gender if there was a "magic", reversible pill available today? might be fun to give it a whirl
89. Are there any other aspects of your physical self you'd prefer were different? general tubbiness

• Sex and sexuality.

90. How would you describe your sexuality? Straight
91. If applicable, at what age did you lose your virginity? 24 aka last year
92. Are you presently in a live-in relationship and, if yes, is this relationship legally recognized where you live? No.
93. If your answer to question 92 was "yes", are you generally content with this relationship?
94. If your answer to question 92 was "no", would you like to be part of a live-in relationship, and would your preferred relationship be legally recognized where you live? Yes, i'm semitraditional in this respect
95. Is your sexuality legally recognized (as opposed to illegal) where you live? Yeah.
96. Do you have any children that you're aware of? None that i'm aware of
97. Would you like to have [more] children? Yes. Way in the future
98. Do you consider yourself sexually adventurous, within the bounds of your self-defined sexuality? Fuzzy handcuffs is all i will say
99. Do you masturbate? If yes, how regularly? i don't keep count.
100. Have you ever "willingly" participated in sexual activity that has disturbed or distressed you? Yes. Was unnerved with a event that skipped first base and made it to third. Friend latter explained hooker with heart of gold concept. Girl was not hooker but though there was intimate touching going on. there was no kissing. twas told in middle of said acts "No kissing"
101. What's your opinion of consensual sexual activity involving bondage and/or other forms of mild discipline? *shrug*
102. What's your opinion of consensual sexual activity involving sado-masochistic activity? See 101
103. Safe sex and contraception aside, what's your opinion of condoms? should be used.
104. If your answer to question 90 was not "bisexual" or "asexual", would you consider either a "fling" or a relationship that did not correspond with your self-defined sexuality (for example, if your answer to question 90 was "heterosexual", would you consider having sexual relations with a member of your own gender)? Don't know.
105. Have you ever participated in sexual acts (including mutual masturbation) with members of the opposite gender? yes
106. Have you ever participated in sexual acts (including mutual masturbation) with members of the same gender? Nope.
107. If you are male, have you ever participated in the "soggy biscuit" game (where several males masturbate onto a cracker or similar, and the last to finish must eat it)? Heck no.
108. In a perfect world, would your answer to question 107 be the same? Yes.

• Dressed for the occasion.

109. In a perfect world, would you wear clothes at all? Yes.
110. Boxers or briefs? Briefs
111. Why do the tags on women's underpants often include a chest measurement, even though they're sold as single, unmatched items? No freaking clue
112. Artificial or natural fibres? Natural. genereally
113. If you were given $2000 (or the local equivalent) and told to spend it as you pleased, what proportion would you spend on clothes or accessories and, of those purchases (if any), what would you buy? None. pay off part of the credit cards
114. Generally speaking, what do you wear in bed? ummmmm Nada.
115. Do you prefer a quilt/doona/whatever-you-call-those-bags-of-feathers-or-polyester-filling-where-you-live, or blankets? blankets
116. Do you use an electric blanket in winter? No need i have a heated water bed
117. Do you usually wear socks? yes
118. What type of footwear do you prefer, given a choice? barefoot or tennis shoes
119. Do you blow your nose on tissues, handkerchiefs or your sleeves? Tissues.
120. Do you wear eyesight aids (glasses, contact lenses)? Used to wear glasses but don't usually wear them anymore
121. If your answer to question 120 was "Yes", and it was financially or logistically possible, would you have laser surgery to correct your eyesight? (Or have you?) No, eyesight isn't bad enough to qualify.
122. Do you wear sunglasses at night? i have at times.
123. Do you prefer to carry your money in a wallet, purse or your pocket? Wallet
124. In cold weather, do you generally overdress, underdress or dress appropriately? I underdress though i have natural padding
125. On a really hot day at home, what would you probably be wearing, and what would you most likely be doing? Sitting in front of the computer, wearing very little
126. Do you regularly wear sunscreen in summer? If i know i'm going to be out in the sun alot.
127. Do you prefer to tan or stay out of the sun? stay out i don't tan.
128. What do you find more appealing in a (potential naturally-pale) partner, tanned skin or untanned? no preference
129. Do you think "tan lines" - the border between tanned and untanned skin - are sexy? *shrug*
30. What particular outfit in your wardrobe gives you the most pleasure to wear? slacks and a baggy shirt.
131. In order, first being most important, what three categories of clothing do you gain the most pleasure from wearing (for example: jeans, pyjamas, cashmere jumpers, kilts - and yes, I know that's four) slacks, tshirts, sweats.
132. What outfit or article of clothing do you find most erotically appealing? silk
133. Have you ever been to a nudist colony? No

• Everyone needs a hobby.

134. Other than surfing the internet and answering pointless questionnaires, name (up to) five hobbies that you enjoy. anime, reading , foam fighting, movies, chatting
135. Given a choice between indulging in a hobby and participating in sport (team or solo), which would you plumb for? Hobby.
136. Are you a sporty type of person? Not really
137. Do you visit a gym regularly, or otherwise work out? No.
138. If your answer to question 137 is "yes", for what purpose?
139. What's the most important factor to you in regard to your favourite hobbies? A way to have fun.
140. What's your opinion on penguins? They wear small tuxes.
141. Do you fear the penguin? [Do you understand this question?] Doobie doobie doooooooooo

• Stuffing your face.

142. What's your favourite cuisine (for example: Chinese, Greek, French, Nouvelle)? Chineese/Japanese
143. What's your least favourite cuisine? French
144. What do you never want to eat again? stuffed cabbage
145. What do you wish you'd never tasted in the first place? head cheese
146. What known foodstuff would you never consider eating? way too many to list.
147. If you identify as carnivorous or omnivorous, what animals eaten by humans (possibly in other countries) would you definitely not eat (examples include horse, rat, dog, pig)? Dogs, rats, horses, some insects.
148. Butter or margarine? Butter.
149. White or wholemeal bread? sourdough
150. What's your favourite fast food? Either pizza or fries.

• Working for the man.

151. Are you presently employed? If so, what field do you work in? Yep Software/multimedia
152. What would be your dream career? anime webguru
153. Are you more likely to save or spend? Spend.
154. Do you have any particular weaknesses that you'll spend money on frequently, even though you know you probably shouldn't (for example: chocolate, shoes, prostitutes, books)? cool toys
155. When you were a kid, what did you want to grow up to be? a famous programmer
156. What would you most like to do with the rest of your life, in terms of employment? travel and visit conventions
157. What's stopping you? my inhabitions and fear of lack of fundage
158. If you had a guaranteed, no-strings-attached income for life, such that you were no longer obliged to work for a living, how would you spend your time? travelling, net, school, and doing free lance stuff

• Colourblind.

159. What colour are your eyes? Hazel.
160. What colour is your hair (naturally and now)? dark brown.
161. Given freedom of choice and practicality, what colour would you prefer your eyes and your hair to be? same as now

162. What colour hair and eyes would you prefer your partner(s) to have, or is that issue totally irrelevant? don't care
163. What colour are the walls of your bedroom? white.
164. What colour would you prefer them to be? blue
165. Do you have a particular preference for a certain colour (or colours) in your clothing? Black and blue
166. Do you know why I spell "colour" with a "u"? it's the brittish thus the aussie spelling.


167. Five years ago, did you expect your life to be much as it is now? No
168. What about ten years ago? Nope
169. Twenty years ago, personal computers were comparatively rare and extremely primitive by today's standards. If you were alive and capable of independent thought that long ago, did you even remotely imagine the impact these machines would have on our lives now? I think so but i was an imaginative 5 year old.
170. When did you first have regular access to a computer, and what did you primarily use it for? when i was in 5th grade mostly games and BBS
171. What is your opinion of cloning? good and bad points
172. What do you think about genetically modified foods? don't care
173. Do you believe that Artificial Intelligence is possible and, if so, what timeframe do you envisage it will require before computers are capable of original thought on a par with humans? Yes.
174. Do you believe that most domestic chores will one day be performed by robots or androids? I wish.
175. Do you think a cyborg - a human with functioning mechanical parts over and above "basic" medical replacements - will ever be a reality? Technically it already happened
176. What message would you like to leave your children (let us for the moment assume that you have, or will have, some), when they reach the age you are now? There is always hope.
177. If you could place three items (any size) into a time capsule to be opened in the Gregorian year 2500 (current Gregorian year = 2001), what would they be? A series of manga, aphoto album and a copy of the encyclopedia britanica.
178. If your ancestors had placed three items (any size) into a time capsule 150 years ago to be opened by you today, what would you hope to find? a diary, a photoalbum and a rare book
179. If you could travel back in time to visit your ancestors in the year 1901, what would you tell them? WOuldn't know what to say
180. If you could travel back in time to visit your ancestors in the year 1950, what would you tell them? ditto
181. If you could travel back to any point in time to communicate with any of your ancestors (ancestor-finding and language-translation software included), what period would you return to and why? Medival times
182. If you could prevent one single historical event from happening, what would it be? None. altering time is scary
183. If you nominated an event for question 182, what do you imagine the present-day consequences of your action would be?

Jeesh that was long.

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