March 17th, 2001


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Well I installed the silly program so now i can write from the comfort of my waterbed.

I went out to dinner with Kehner.

Gotta love All you can eat chineese buffets.

Well ended up browsing best buy actually resisted buy stuff.

Then went to Blockbuster and rented. Conker's Bad Fur day. So far its as bad as it sounds.
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Well time to go to sleep.

As I check the boards one last time.

I wonder do people see me truely as the pervert i sometimes act as.

Do they think I actually want to hook up with a cartoon character.

Or do they realize that I enjoy the archtype that what i crave is a real woman who has some of the characteristics but is not a clone.

No cartoon character can be as deep as a real person.

And my final final thought. Will I ever right the girl who said she would dress up like Kyouko if she had a Godai.

I am such a freaking wuss at times.
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