April 16th, 2001


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ok so ilied.

easter went smoothly. got some chocolate. visited with family.
*Warning i'm going to be typing this with my eyes closed so be prepared for typos heh *

Well on Friday I had my interview number two with the company that i swore in the interview. Went there at 3:30 dressed in suit pants dress shirt and shoes and bracers but no tie and no suit jacket. I had the first time but felt overdressed.

Talked to the same owner as last time and he brought out this huge electrical diagram schematic. I near about crap myself scared he was goihng to ask me something. He didn't he just showed me parts From what i can tell it causes an airplanes wings to bend or somthing like that to help deice it.

But after that he brought in another one of the owners. The lady who was basically the General Manager.
And talked with her. She explained how the dress code was basically no shorts and no nipples. heh just don't gross out the coworkers. We talked about everything like what a 401 k plan was though the company doesn't offer one yet. to dreamcast games and how she was waiting for the xbox. But then they brought in a third owner the art director type guy and he asked some questions. He thought i was someone else and started out with "So your the guy with 3-d experience"

But was very laid back and the four of us talked for a bit but i was surprised when i left and it was 5:30. 2 HOURS hopefully this is a good sign.

they said they would get back to me on monday. so i will find out.

An odd thing hppened last night. I dreamed. I can only remember a little bit but its been a while since i dreamed and remembered.

I was foam fighting. I was teamed up with some woman and we ran down this one hole into a "dungeon" (a ramp down to a cave with 1 side passage.)

Well the woman and I encountered this huge guy and she started fighting and as i circlesd i was not able to help. She told me to run. I ran up the stair to find another one waiting near the side passage. He had a pole arm as did I. I managed to take out his legs killing him ("game wise") easily somehow and lookedup to see anotherone entireing the cave so i dived into the side tunnel picked up the guy i killeds nonpolearm weapon and managed to distract with my pole arm and kill him quickly.

I rushed back down to see the woman still fighting and the big guy with his back turned. I swung my polearm two handed and caught him square in the back killin him. We went up and she said how i had done well and they would anounce it. I wen to sit in the seats near the cave entrance but couldn't sit near my friends for some reason. They announced my great feat but said a name i didn't recognize.

i tried changing seat but couldn't sit closer to my friends and they seamed to pay me no notice.

Thats all i can remember time to get to bed.

Well fridays interview
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