May 17th, 2001


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Guess I should finish my account of acen.


Woke up. wandered around the dealers room for a bit bought some stuff.

Then went to lunch with the jims, subway nothing special.

Came back, I skipped the music vids to listen to some of the fanfic panel then got an early seat at the Megatokyo panel. I was first in. :)

The room became packed and got to see Piro and Dom.

Ended up going to the cosplay with ashworth had ok seats and it was enjoyable.

But for some reason i was out of it aftwerwords and went up to the room and basically passed out on the bed.

I didn't get to go to the dance :(

Or Kareioke :(

And I didn't get to see Kara again. :( :( :( :(

Sunday: Woke up got everythng packed up.

Hit the dealers again and looked at the video game room

checked out artists' alley and the art show.

We also went to this asian plaza. I blew money on some manga there.

We ended up driving home fairly uneventful.

All in all I bought.

Slayers DVD Box set
Slayers Next DVD Box set

A grab bad with some cards and a shadow skill tape.

Essence an art book by ABe the guy who did lain

A comic book (vol 1-3 ) of sidekicks

2 art porfolios 1 ended up being panty shots, the other a nice variety of pg shots.

2 lain wall scrolls

1 love hina scroll

phone book manga

Lum manga collection

2 How To art books.

And.... ummm can't remember anything else.


All in all it was a fun trip though i wish i could have more energy at cons to do stuff.
I didn't get the chance to do everything I wanted.
I was supposed to throw a room party for Kara but that didn't get to happen.

At least i'm now the official fanboy of Conscrew.

sigh. Oh be warned next post will probably be angsty
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