May 29th, 2001


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Need to do laundry.....

Well just me in the house for the night. Everyone else has gone to canada cause one of them is getting the peepers lasered.

And poor old me has to work tommorow. Well atleast i got paid today for not working. though i will have to work a bunch ommorow so i get things done.

To the laundry and into the creepy basement i go....
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A day begins

Well made it to work before the boss for once.

Except I just realized the boss is on site today. LOL

Small joy just struck down. Oh well. Now if i keep doing this i will be able to track my hours better :)
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Macomedia shall DIE

God I have grown to hate the Macromedia company.


It crashes and is a pain to use at times. And no for some reason i think my copy has become corrupt since it has suddenly failed to work.
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