June 8th, 2001


rANDOM-ness and charity

Saw on friends list the idea of seven degrees of seperation with livejournals.

Hit the random journal button and try to get back to yours.

So I tried it.

1st time. Got a person with 1 friend and that friend only had origanal person as friend. so no go.

2nd : No friends or friends of

3rd time. wandered through 20 people and found nothing.

4th time Got cimerris
I wondered why her pic looked familar and realised from reading her entry why.
It was artwork by Davebunny who does LivingInGreytown.com

Heh so it resolves to you win some and you loose some. :)

Now Wednesday was dagorhir. I did alright and everyone was still getting all serious about rag.
I won't be able to get the full week of going until next year. I get to go only the weekend this year. But had a fun time as usual even though there were some slaughters.

On thursday had my dragonlance rpg. God I don't know how much more we can butcher the storyline.

Anyway that brings us to this mornig...

I'm getting ready for work, getting my shit together and about to get dressed.

When I hear a knock on the door. I wrap myself in my blanket doing a darth sidious impression. and check the door.

On the porch is a 13-15 year old black kid (that i have never seen) with a cup.

His first words "You weren't up yet?" (It's about 9:00. Our house is a college house. Most of us aren't up until at least 10.)

My response. "Ummm, no. What do you want?"

"Do you have any milk?"

"........ Umm...... No." course me being a putz couldn't blatently lie.

So I said i would go check. I go to the kitchen. Kid comes into the house into the foyer starts looking around and comes into the kitchen.

Check one fridge (beer, beer, pizza box, beer, beer, beer) then the other and notice he's all the way in the kitchen but don't say anything. There's a gallon thats opened in the other fridge but it's not mine so i tell him. Sorry we are all out.

"Got any juice or anything to drink?"

"..........." At this point i'm like WHAT THE HELL and notice my 12 pack of diet pepsi sitting on the counter next to him.

"You can have a diet pepsi if you like."

Then i sit and watch as the kid takes a can.

.... Then another......

Then a third...... At this point he looks at me and probably notices my face changing shades and i walk him to the door.

I get dressed and take my ps2 into my room and lock my room up.

and then i go out the side door.


Now our house isn't big it takes under 10 seconds to go from the front door to the side.

And I didn't dress that fast.

He looks at me. "Your still awake?"

"Umm yeah, why are you still here?"

"I'm going to my house."

"Then GO!"

Now our house is in a college slummy area for thoose of you who have no idea what its like

Brown Street

| C | H | | | X
| R | H | | | X
| O | H | | | H
| S | H H H

Ok now here's my crude diagram Brown and Cross are streets (may be wrong on cross' name)

but the little | | | looks like a double drive way at first. but 1/2 of it is a driveway. The side towards the X's and the other side is a public alley (VERY VERY SMALL STREET)
The X's is our house and parking area. You can't park in a public alley any more then you can part in a small two lane but we still have morons parking there.

Why am I drawing this cause the kid supposidly lives in one of the houses behind us.

Well after i tell the kid to go. I hear. "Marcel?, are they not up yet?"

and the kid answers "Nooo." at this point i turn and see the mother? getting ready to get into her car which was parked in said alleyway. and start to drive off.

Now i'm all for neighborly things. I've leant this woman a can opener before but
sending your kid out to scrounge? Let alone scrounge from COLLEGE KIDS?

We are broke, in debt and usually just as hungry as poor people.

I exaggerate cause i'm none of theese except in debt.

But it was infuriating. cause the way the kid acts i swear he was casing the place.

*Puts 2+2* God help the little kid if I ever found out he was involved with breaking into my car and trashing my swords.

Enough outta me.

RIch: Keep an eye out and make sure everythings locked up.
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