June 12th, 2001


Never a good start

When roomate knocks on the door saying "It's work."

I look over and its 10:45. I need to be in before 10.

Basically i stayed up late talking on IM.
And though it was enjoyable I am going to have to cap myself and say No IM after 2:30.
I have to start saying goodby at 2:30 because i don't want to go through this again.
And I really want to keep this job.

I knew I shoulda just said screw it and gotten dressed and come into work and left early.

In other news I acted again as a Technophile. I have bought a Game Boy Advance.

I also bought Tony Hawk 2 for it.

(Rich the doors open if you want to play it.)

It looks cool but it needs better handling of the screen. i.e. backlighting. or a little overhang light.

ah well just the normal ennui setting in. I really wish it was wednesday so I could go foam fighting. Gives me some excersice and i can beat some people up.

Maybe I'll spend some time tonight working on my polearm. I had fun using matt's last week.
And I have most of the material needed though i need some more spray glue.

I'll possibly rant a little later about how we had to call the cops yesterday.
Nothing big.

Yeah looks like todays gonna be a blah day.
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