June 22nd, 2001


Experiment results

If you saw my experiment post here's the results.

I looked to see what people who had me as friends had set my color to.

13 white
2 blue, sky
4 Black
2 Grey, Lt
1 Gray, Dark
1 Blue , Lt
1 Blue, Navy
1 Yellow, Lt
1 Red
1 Purple
1 Red, Pink
1 Olive
1 Orange , Bright

No really big surprises white being the default.

The only one that made me wonder was why in the world did Damonk have mine set to pink. hehe

Probably not going to be posting much today.
I'm going straight from work to ragnarock and i can't leave when i wanted to
cause me alarm didn't wake me up and so i got into work late.


Oh Taki. - Yes i'd love to go. :) We can talk about it when i get back.

Talk to everyone later. :)