July 3rd, 2001


heh I'm gay

Heh not really I took the Gay Test from The Spark since some of the people on my friends list were.

Shoot I had the results ready to past and copied something else.

Oh well According to thier test the average straight man is 33% or so gay.

Myself I scored a 21%. So i'm stratighter then the straight man. heh

I am once again secure in my sexuality because of a 75 question quiz and the fact that i can recognize a bandsaw. lol

God what is it with modern cultures and meaningless quizzes and stats.
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On my desk from left to right

Package containing my Rumi artwork from Faans!

Empty Box from my John Constantine action figure.

My new portable mp3 cd player



Said Constantine figure

Mini-Zen garden box

Macromedia Director 8 Lingo Dictionary.

Can of diet pepsi

My jensen wireless headphones.

wallet & keys

squishy foam brain and world.


1/2 eaten box of House Fried Rice. with chopsticks in it

Mouse pad

fork and knife

Wacom Tablet

Active Server Pages Book

Above my desk hovers my Ryo-ohki doll.

Beneath my desk is my keyboard.

Oh and yes this is at work :)
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