July 6th, 2001


Mystic powers of the orient

Seams that caster13
had not heard of the ancient chinese secret found i fortune cookies.

That you can add "... in bed" to almost any fortune and have it make sense.

For your enjoyment here are some of the really funny ones i keep in my wallet.

"Good to begin well,
better to end well. "

"All your hard work will soon pay off."

"You have a curious smile and a mysterious nature."

""Haste does not bring success."

"You maintain a sense of balance
in the midst of great success."

"You are smart for you do things smartly"

Now this one is a little harder but if you think about it, it still works. :)

"What's hidden in an empty box?"

heh :)

All of theese are actual fortunes in my possession heh :)
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I just realised i disabled my remote software at home.

And my mail program is running so i can't check my mail.


especially a pain since it won't be as easy to check my lj replies.
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