July 30th, 2001


Another week gone by

Well another week has gone buy without a wishy-washy or even a post to the lj other then a secret post to taki ;)

No you guys didn't miss anything.

Lets see whats happened.

I met up with Taki and now have lots o comic books. Also picked up some books by spider robinson.

My Akira Limited edition tin has been shipped by amazon. WOOHOO

I had an online meeting for Ohayocon It's an anime con that I will be in charge of gophers.

I spent no time at home this weekend.

Friday I was home but was in the meeting all night 10 until about 3 or 4 am.

Saturday I woke up late but got to brunswick to meet taki at around 10:40 and then was at my parents house helping them paint until 6.
Then when to a rpg and left at around 3.

Spent the night at the parents house.

Left sunday afternoon to go see planet of the apes with some friends. its a so so movie with a few good points.

but then after the movie it was dinner, then borders, then barnes and noble. ended up getting home at like 10 at night.

Nothing really exciting in the previous days except i placed an order with sharper image.

I got one of thoose personal cooling thingys' and a half priced razor scooter.

plus got a free fan :)

I really should decide on what to do with some things.

Oh I was called normal by some friends today. still haven't decided if it was a good or bad thing.

Oh Things are looking up for otakon. The friend who had a lead on rooms is trying to get a hold of me.

Though i don't have his number or email. he supposidly has mine though i think i will stop by his work today.

And if he decides to tag along that will be two extra people to stop me from falling asleep.
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Alas I have have died.

Heh made a carnivore and a herbavore in TechnoSphere for the heck of it.

A herbavore named Godai

a carnivore named Kyouko

Godai had a full life.

And while he left no children he did not die a virgin. heh

Name Godai (ID 1782656)

Born 8.06
Died on 8.35
Age 0.31
Killed by creature 1782228

Top Speed 33.00 kph
Size 1.12 ms
Viciousness 1.10 anger units
Distance travelled 18.79 kms
Total eaten 788.45 kilos
Food gauge 0.00 (1.0 max)
Children 0
Has killed 3

The funny thing is this

Kyouko (ID 1782655) has no kills.

Yes the Herbavore has killed more then the carnivore. hehe