August 13th, 2001


My credit card and bank account are in pain.

Lets see.

Not counting the 200 in hotel and registration.

I blew $55 at the art show.

$20 in artist alley.

In the dealers room i got:

Naru from Love Hina statuette $180
Love Hina manga $90
Gold Digger Collections $100
Animation Master $200 ( computer program)
3 DVDs $ 45
2 tapes $30
DVD collection $34

Bootleg comics $20

Love Hina Posters $30

But because i hadn't cashed my paycheck like i planned i had to withdraw the money from the bacnk account leaving me with $30.

and then when i went to cash it and deposit it they put a hold on my check.

hopefully it won't screw me over.

Grr. well I got a bunch of neat stuff.

but i will probably regret it eventually.
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