September 21st, 2001


Heh i'm in the army now

Yes I am now know as

Second Lieutenant Junior Grade of Porno Web Sites, Master Godai Yuhsaku


Master Friar of Making Cheerleaders Squeal, Godai Yuhsaku

heh funny site thanks to aeire

Site is found here

Some of my other titles

Paladin of Things That Go "Bump" in the Night, Godai S. Yuhsaku IX

Umpire of Your Dad, Godai Yuhsaku XVIII

Drag Queen of Poon Appreciation, Godai Dean Yuhsaku

Bailiff of The Divison For Investigating Mice, Monsieur Godai Yuhsaku

Superintendent of Bitch Slaps, Godai Gerry Yuhsaku

Fuhrer of Naughty Bits, Godai Yuhsaku
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Well it's not exactly legal but...

I got a first today.

Its the first time i'd ever recieved a package with $134.90 in postage.

Thats right 135 DOLLARS.


Ok so i sorta lie its 134.90 Hong Kong Dollars.

For thoose who don't know Godai which i use as an psuedoname is based on the character Godai Yuhsaku from Maison Ikkokou.

Its an anime series by Rumiko Takahashi from the early 80's and is 96 episodes long.

Viz is slowly releasing them on tape and have said that they were going to do dvds.

Well I no longer have to wait. I now have all 96 episodes on a set of 10 dvds.

Course they are from hong kong and only subbed. but it will make due until viz gets off thier arses and makes the dvds.

And yes i WILL buy the viz collection when they freaking release the damn things.

however i don't think i will be getting it nearly as cheap.

i paid $106 with shipping for my MI from HK .

when Viz releases it i will probably end up paying 200 if i'm lucky.

if they do 4 eps per dvd thats 24 dvds.

24 dvds at $25


fortunately i have a while to save up.

*hugs his DVDs*
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