September 25th, 2001


The day after XP

Well it's installed and its basic stuff is setup.

Other then the hard drive corruption which should be gone since all the drives have been formated.

Problems still left to face:

Getting remote desktop working. (Ferret is this only for local network computers or can i use this over broadband?)

Get rear speaker out to work for some reason i have to plug speakers into my livedrive on the front of the computer.
Otherwise windows plays the opening sound and then dies. but works fine on the front.

And then the tough stuff. getting video and 3d to work. Hopefully i can get my all in wonder software to work.

Good things about XP........

It looks pretty?

I have my LJ icon on my start menu. :)

It will be stable and faster.... hopefully. I haven't noticed much increase yet other then outlook
but thats cause it doesn't have to deal with the 5-6 years of email.

And getting Divx to work wasn't to much of a hastle though i was worried when the movies went into highspeed which appears to just be
the video catching up so its all good.

We will see what the future holds
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God it's scary.

The current discussion at work is drug use.

Talking about having taked acid, marijuana, and various other drugs.

Getting drunk and all that.

Here i am with the limit of my illicit substance use is 2 double shots of vodka in one night.

Of course there are good things to be said about this heh.
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