October 1st, 2001


Flava Flav (http://www.emode.com/emode/tests/flavor.jsp)

Mmm ... mocha! Strong and rich — but not too sweet — you're the flavor of late nights and early mornings. A coffeehouse regular, you've cornered the market on deep thoughts and probably have a little more than your fair share of brains. In fact, those who know you may even consider you an intellectual, a label that suits you just fine. Deep and thoughtful, you love the academic life — or at least the structured pursuit of knowledge. And, since hitting the books often means all-nighters, what better flavor than mocha to keep you company? Chocolaty and intense, you're a truly tasty treat.

Never mind the fact that i don't like coffee heh
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What's in a name (http://www.kabalarians.com/gkh/your.htm#links)


Your first name of David has given you a very practical, hard-working, systematic nature.

Your interests are focused on technical, mechanical, and scientific things, to the exclusion of interests of an artistic, musical, or social nature.

You have a rather skeptical outlook on life and rather materialistic standards.

In reaching your goals, you are very independent and resourceful, patient and determined.

You can be so very positive and definite in your own ideas and opinions that others sense a lack of tact and friendliness in your manner of expression.

You are inclined to be rather demanding and self-centred in your personal wants, and your own desires can be so overriding that you fail to recognize or appreciate the feelings, opinions, or desires of others.

As a consequence, difficulties in relations within the family or with close associates can arise.

Weaknesses in the health centre in the head, and in the stomach and intestinal organs.

I guess its sorta right in some aspects. The tech focus and materialistic need.

But did this thing just say i was week in the head? heh that's debatable.
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Angel Eyes (http://www.angelhaven.com/aod/)

You were born on a Friday and Uriel is the ArchAngel assigned to the day of your birth.
Born: Friday
Presiding ArchAngel: Uriel
Assignation: Ministration
Daily Affirmation: "I am of the Sun and never without the light of God."

Celestial Title: Archangel of Salvation

Archangel Uriel ("fire of God") Uriel started drawing attention early on his career as he has been identified through the ages as both a cherub ( a toddler) and as a seraph or seraphim (a more mature angel). His earliest account of rising to the occasion is best described in the book of Revelation for his role as Regent of the Sun. He called forth the birds to feast upon the fallen in supporting the cycle of life. He later warned Noah of the impending flood. Fortunately for Noah and all of us, Raphael stepped in to help build the ark. Uriel is the spirit of Ministration and Peace; always saving the day. The Magus claims that Uriel gave the cabala to man; 'the key to the mystical interpretation of scripture'. His mission is to help you manifest stability and relief from life’s pressures when there doesn’t seem to be any. If you are open to Uriel’s assistance, he’ll be there in a heartbeat. Cry out for God and like all archangels he can travel faster than the speed of light; meaning he can get from one end of the universe to the other in less than a one second. That’s why he’s sometimes in many places at once. He views his role of responsibility as one that manifests your quest to be your best; seeing to it that you shine in everything you do, just like the sun.

Associations & Assignments

Like any entity charged with duties and responsibilities, Archangels have certain associations of creation that are engraved in the very fibers of their etheric being. They are handed specific scrolled items to govern. Its these assignments that bring them into this dimension where they can participate with us.

Celestial Order: Seraphim
Day: Watches over those born on Friday
Chakra: Third Eye (6th)
Color: Indigo or powder blue
Planetary assignment: Checks in on Mars regularly
Main Issue: Intuition, Wisdom
Sense: Sixth sense
Fragrances/Incense/Oils: Hyacinth, Violet, Rose geranium
Crystals: Amethyst, Fluorite, Azurite
Life Lesson: Emotional intelligence
Altar suggestions: A gilded mirror with candle holder reflecting light; oil burner containing Rose geranium; Tarot Card depicting justice; piece of Amethyst, to encourage visionary abilities; indigo-colored mandala; a dream-catcher; small pottery bowl, for wisdom, favorite lamp and of course, a Prayer Chest.

Email from out of the blue

Well it shows how open Livejournal actually is when you don't moderate everything to friend lists.

You all remember that post i did on yaoi/yuri and such.

Someone involved with it sent me an email. heh

Ghosts of our passed sins.

ok so it wasn't a sin and wasn't inflamitory.

just interesting to get the email out of the blue.

Hope my response didn't upset the person. (was a nice response though thier response showed one of the points of my first post)

Anyway it isn't worth starting all that up again. heh
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Proof that emodes is a Super Piece of..... (http://www.emode.com/emode/tests/superpower.jsp)

Think fast! Your hidden superpower is SUPER SPEED! Some people might think you have a talent for impatience, but we like to call it efficiency. You approach all things with a need for speed. Whether it's running a race, eating lunch, or writing a report, you finish the task in no time flat. This quality is a huge asset in today's hotwired workplace, where there's never enough time to do anything. With a little bit of practice, you'll soon be zipping about the office, zooming between social engagements, and devouring books at an alarming rate. Your friends and coworkers won't be able to keep up. If you use your powers wisely, you'll be the model of well-balanced productivity. But don't forget: Ultra-speedy superheroes have to take good care of their bodies. Be sure to eat right, get plenty of sleep and stretch regularly. Are you ready? Invest in some quality shoes and hop to it. You'll be flying through your day in no time.

Yeah right. me with super speed.

The logistics would be mind boggling.

As i've been doing the titles are the link to the test.