November 16th, 2001


A real post

Haven't really done a real post other then quizes in a bit.

Nothing much going on with life.

I'm going to war this sunday.

Foam fighting battle with a bunch of people.

And harry potter tonight. Already have the ticket.

and tommorow a meeting for ohayocon.

busy weekend.

then its work until wednesday and then get to spend a lovely 10 hour trip with the family going to

wonderful Bronxville New York to my grandma's place for thanksgiving.
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Are you gay/straight/bi/asexual test (

We think you are Straight
and we are 98.33% confident with our answer
OK, I know what you're thinking. I guessed you were straight, big deal. It's a safe bet, since the majority of the population is straight. Especially since people like the guy on the right claim to be straight. If he's heterosexual, anyone could be. That's what's so great about America.
But hey, I gave it a shot. What do you want me to do, anyhow?