November 27th, 2001


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Gah this sucks. i can see almost every page on livejournal.
except any of the pages with journal entries.
my page. my friends page. it just isn't working. grrrrrrrrrr
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My first poll :)

I'm going to be buying a new Apple G4 550 PowerBook in the next week or so.

Now i'm trying to decide how i want the computers named.

Right now my desktop is name kyouko.

So i'm trying to decide if i want to leave it as kyouko and name the laptop souchiro
or name the laptop kyouko and rename the desktop to souchiro.

( for thoose who don't know. Kyouko is Godai's love intrest in the anime and souchiro is kyouko's dog and also the name of her ex-husband)

Poll #11245 Name the Laptop

Name the computers

Laptop=Kyouko & desktop = Souchiro
laptop= Souchiro & desktop = Kyouko

"Any other suggestions for the laptop's name?"

"Any other suggestions for the desktop's name?"


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You know I never thought this would happen.

I occasionally look at the find love ads.

I just get that bored.

But I think this is the first time i've ever found someone i know. I posted the link for the heck of it.

heh funny thing is they have a lj as well which i ran accross the other day.
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