December 5th, 2001


I scare myself sometimes.

Ok i'm looking around for funny shockwaves and flash stuff and i run accross


Be warned it is mature and messed up and even long.

Though i have a feeling a bunch of you out there will get a kick out of it.
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I wasn't gonna post the results when i started to take the test.

cause i'd figure i'd have no clue about the results but heh its Dave. :)

You are Dave Lister.

You smeg-for-brains, swamp rats have better personal hygeine for
you. However, you're fun to party with, as you have a wont to take
StarBug for a spin. Still, if Kryten weren't around to take care of you,
you'd probably drown in your own filth.

You look like a crazed

Who would you be? Meep
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