December 17th, 2001


Weekend update and various rambling.

Figured i would do a real post.


Lets see somewhat busy weekend.

Friday went and saw Not Another Teen Movie.

It was done in the style of Scary movie. making fun of ALOT of different movies.

Not something you take kids too espcecially since one of the characters in the movie doesn't wear clothing.

(They even spaced the subtitles for her to show her nipples (she was a forign exchange student so they gave her subtitles)

Saturday I ended up skipping the company get together to go to my game. though as much that got accomplished at the game that i shoulda gone and showed up late at the game.

Sunday was spent helping dad clean up around the house.

After cleaning went and saw Amelie. GREAT movie. Though be warned unless you know French its subtitles for you to read. :)

Still was wacky and enjoyable and fairly fastpaced. And some parts left you laughing in anticipation.

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