Godai Yuhsaku (godai) wrote,
Godai Yuhsaku


I actually remembered a dream from last night.

Was vivid enough that I didn't break from the dream.

Basically I was sore from fighting practice yesterday so by the time I got home I pretty much collapsed. (In the shower for an hour or so) then in bed.

In the dream I was at my parents house.

Well in the dream my leg was hurrting so I was rubbing at a bruised spot. It was raised a little like a scab. So I picked at it a little and the who front half of my leg came off.

It peeled away like dead skin except it was spongy. While it didn't go to the bone. It was like a little bit of skin over bone on my leg. and what came off was basically fat and my knee cap and some cartelidge. Now what was additionally wierd is that I could still walk around and such the leg just look wierd and thinner. The peeled off part started to look less like body part and more like if you took the top part of a leg off a gundam model. (leg on outside but somewhat hollow with connector pieces on the inside. I ended up calling this guy Mark from fighter practice saying how I couldn't go to Armageddon (an event not end of world) cause I have to go to the hospital.

And I was starting to get worried. When my alarm woke me up.

I think that what made the dream really vivid and didn't make me question it was that it was one of those waking dreams where you wake up but you are still in a dream.

Oh at least there was no real blood. the inside of the leg was red but not bloody.

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