January 8th, 2002


Impending doom

God i hate being low on the tottem.

They interviewed a tech side guy at work. I'm the only non-owner engineer.
And last time i had a one on one with the boss it wasn't a good chat.

I've been working on imporving but am very insecure.

So they have either started interviewing for a new coworker for me or a replacement.

And so here i am trying to work. with this going through my head.

As the 3 bosses are off in the one bosses office all talking.


Since if i have to find a new job it will ruin my plans for going to Ragnarock and SDCC

since i doubt i will have earned 2 weeks of vacation time at a new job.

*sigh* maybe i should just do like my one friend and work at toys r us or staples where i could take myself off a schedule for a week every once in a while. won't be paid but i could still go.
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