January 10th, 2002


God why did i do this.

Couldn't sleep tonight. got the next best thing.

And no it wasn't sexual.

I took a nice long shower. My brother will probably send a nasty reply using all the water and such but i've found that just resting in a shower in a dark room.

relaxesme enough that its almost as good as sleep.

basically brain shutdown time.

though i think i'm still going to be fried by the time this weekends done.

Now i go to bring first load and do something i' haven't done in forever. have breakfast.

later all.

Ahhh it won't stop

It's so wrong. yet i can't stop listening.

Dance mixes of childhood cartoons. memmories flooding.


Damnit it sucks when you remember the series and get flashes of the screen shots and memmories associated with the show. all put to the dance techno beat.

Its hypnotic at times.

Or maybe its just sleep dep talking. hehe
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    80s Cartoon Theme Songs - Rainbow Brite (Techno remix)