March 11th, 2002


Hi I am starting to hate foam fighting.

I don't know why I go anymore.

I go to rhyton practice cause thats where my friends were.

Of course now theres me and at most two other rhyton fighters and the rest are avalon.

Now I find out people are complaining i dont take hits.


I get tapped by some glanicing blow. i take it.

i THINK i get hit by a blow i take it.

Today i may have not taken one blow cause i can't remember if a red hit to the arm kills. Nope double checked doesn't kill me.

At some point today. i'm down on a green leg. i loose an arm. Green hits don't count to the two limb rule. So I'm not dead. Someone comments. I answer it was green and die. but no people are suddenly saying 2 limbs.


Now entire time i'm on the side getting trounced. ok i'm getting trounced.

I end up dealing with a spear. and me with two swords. i only have one defense.
ok if it were outside i courld pull the spear away. but as i was informed today you can't grapple for a spear inside.

in other words im screwed. so i do the only thing i can do . punch the damn spear.
its a punch block.

so at one point im legged and someone is running buy out of my reach but spear is on the ground. i pick it up and reach out to hit him.

Now i get yelled at for no red swings inside.

This makes even LESS FUCKING SENSE and i had never heard of it.

if there are no red swings why the hell are red swords allowed inside.

if its no two handed swings with a polearm thats fine. but still pisses me off cause its safety and i wasn't swinging full strength its was practically a stab with the damn polearm .

i play foam fighting for two reasons.

to have fun.
and to get exercise.

its almost to the point where it isn't fun anymore.

I don't think i'm going to bother going to the board anymore and think i'm just going to not go till practice until we are outside again. I'm sick of indoor fighting cause all it is is shield wall vs shield wall.

Hell unless things get better i may as well save some vacation days and only go to part of rag.. since i cant go the full week anyway. might as well just go wed afternoon/night til sunday. more time in san diego or maybe go to another anime con
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