March 22nd, 2002


From her lips to god.

"It's not a diary -- that was pre-21st century -- it's a journal. A diary will embarass you, a journal will destroy your life... if ever found then read by anybody who ever remotely knows who you are. So I guess I'd have to kill them, too. Plus you, if your're reading this. Just kidding. "
== Katchoo from Strangers In Paradise.

God i love the series.

Also just got my Ghost world dvd. WOHOO i actually get to see it.

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I always remind myself not to watch movies that hit too close to home but i never remeber when i go to watch the movie.

I wiill do a rant tommorow i think about ghostworld.

its good but it put me in a mood. I'd write about it now but its 4 am

night all
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