April 3rd, 2002


Comic Plug

"Sepka! Stop asking folks to toss you off a cliff! You're gonna live, damn iit!"
-- Silver currently residing in hell.


Warning do not read this if depressed or moody. it swings from dark to touching to twisted all in a couple of strips. Its very well scripted and a nice furred style of art.
Its main theme seams to run with redemption of people in hell and who have died.

New win client for my LJ

i'm trying out the semagic lj client. Looks neat.

You can get the exe and source from ljwin32_sema.

It can do a bunch of stuff like out surround http links with tags.

But the neatest thing is you can save the state of your friends and friends of.

Then you check its little tab and it will show you who deleted and who added since the last time you told it to remember.

Sweet :)
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