April 8th, 2002


Yet another classic movie I got on DVD

Kentucky Fried Movie.

God this movie is just...... INSANE.

if you ever saw Amazon Women on the moon. this is similar.

they make fun of everything from bruce lee to sex to being politicall correct.

A quick example.

Scene: a courtroom.

An attourney is grilling a witness.

"Ma'am, are you familiar with the states penal codes?"
as he points a dildo at her.

Its just great.

And once again. Not for kiddies.
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Ok its an odd mood

I've grabbed a few drinking songs.

This one is just hilarious.

"You'll get no more this evening. So you bastards Bugger OFF!"

and the crowd responds


off course the songs switched over to a punk cover of No woman No cry.

God some covers are so good. but some SUCK to no end.
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    Irish Drinking Songs - Bugger Off