May 6th, 2002


Grrr Clique-y knowitalls annoy me

Ok i'm getting a linux kit for my ps2.

i've been hanging around the official web board for it.

Its full of fucking know it alls.

And they flaunt it.

Someone asks a question in the NEW USER FORUM.
and it has been asked before they don't answer it .

they say search the forum and look at the faq.

Now one thing has always bugged the hell out of me with the linux kit.

The cd-drive is locked down. Now a ps2 can play cds and dvds. but while its running thier version of linux.

it will only allow access to ps2 format cds and dvds.

now given the fact you can't run ps2 games in linux.

that means the only thing you can use the cd drive for while in linux is the 2 discs that come with the kit.

However pervious noted knowitall seams upset when i bring up the fact.

I've had this argument before.

I say they have crippled the system and they say no it isn't you get full access to the system.

And how they bill it as building ps2 games.

while you aren't

you are building linux games for the ps2 processor.

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