May 21st, 2002


Another day older and deeper in debt. (well not really)

Well don't know if this will post or not.

its 2:30 i'm heading to bed.

What did I do today I spent money.

Took my suit to the cleaners the wandered around the mall.

I ended up buying 2 dvds, devil must cry for the ps2 (19 bucks)

and American Godas by Neil Gainman.

but other then that nothing much.

Going to force my self to pass out now on Scix's advice.

Night all.
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Quote the Raven


heh this is the second book in a row that has had a smart raven.

First book Raven says "I don't say the N word"

Second book when asked Raven replies "FuckYou."

First was Soul Music by Pratchett
Second was American Gods by Neil Gainman
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Ok, i've been up since 8 this morning. spent the time reading .

In my bed under cover.

Meaning I've yet to get dressed.

So what happens.

My door opens and its the landlord walking in with my shield.

No knock. No nothing.

And he's looking at me as i'm in bed under the covers

His response "Oh hello. I'm going to be showing the house in a bit. Hadn't eric told you?"

Ummm no.

He's supposed to give 24 hours notice.

but anyway he shoul FREAKING KNOCK!

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