July 15th, 2002


the weekend

Mostly went ok at the camping trip

Sat around for most of it on "guard duty" had a couple of exciting momments.

First was I found a bunch of in game money. gave it to one of the head people in my group.

she ended up splitting it with another guy. i ended up dropping the bag where i found it.

Later the guy whose bag it is asked me about it. (I hadn't known whoose bag it was )

I told him II didn't have his money.

Second bit of adventure was walking into my cabin for some food while it was being robbed/

I had seen him walk in out of game but didn't go up cause i had no reason to.
But asI hadn't eaten in a while I went an got m pretzels.

There e was and after straightening out that i was there for pretzels and not to ask him.

I saw himturn into smoke and flyout the window then fly away faster then anyone can track or chase.

This really sucked for me as most of my stuff was snagged but not the groups stuff.

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