August 1st, 2002


15 minute time limits suck

Doing a quick update from San Diego Public Library.

Saw some people at the con bought some stuff.

Though 2 dvds were for my brother.

Doing ok so far.

Still unsure on all this.

2 minutes left. Gahhh


Oh well

Library update again.

Getting used to the 15 minute limit.

But Today saw some panels. De-virginized my first signature book.

With Clem from Buffy. :)

Second signature a playboy playmate from a year before my brother was born.... 1978.

Bought a dvd for myself but more enjoyable i bought a Bit-Racer.

I can't remember its exact name but its a little RC car that you can buy upgrades and such for. The neat thing. Its an inch and a half long. You charge it with the remote control and you can change body styles on it.

The kit i bought has 2 body's from the Initial D anime. :)

I even bought a more powerful engine and was racing it in a corner at the con.

Lots of fun. Was doing slaloms with the rows of chairs.

Though almost got it run over by a golfcart type car.

Well gonna head back to the hotel for now i guess. Later all.