August 17th, 2002


Lets see

Well cable got hooked up sooner then thought.

We now have HBO and HBO On Demand which is rather cool.

You want to watch Sopranos? fiddle with remote and sopranos is on.


I got all my stuff moved out of the old place and into the new apartment.

It probably won't be anywhere near unpacked until next week.

Oh I created EVIL. For any of you who read Dork Tower. The recient issue has recipes. One in particular I made.

Start with a pan cookie (cookie which is like a brownie) pour on caramel and add peanuts.

then add a layer of rice crispie treats.

Then coat with chocolate and M&Ms

I made it. It is a bit unnerving and unfortunately a bit dry. but oh well. i will see what people think of it.
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