August 28th, 2002


Pain Anguish Hurt

I am in pain right now.

First after going on campus I got the new Police 911 2 game to work.

If you don't know its a gun game but has IR sensors so when you move left the screen goes left.

So you can dodge bullets and hide behind riot shields and such.

I blew 6 bucks and beat the game and played about a third of the way through again.

Then I went to foam fighting where I fought
and fought
and fought.

then rested a bit

then fought some more.

then ended the night with some wrestling.

A funny thing happened during wrestling at one part.

Was wrestling a girl and was sorta hunched over.

Guy yells for me not to move. then proceeds to climb up my back and surf.

The really funny part was I was inadvertantly groping the girl. After a few seconds i'm like

"Ooops sorry didn't mean to grope you and somehow shifted wait so she wasn't supporting me."

Heh. Was fun anyway.

Though it is a bit unnerving with all the freshman around since as people have pointed out.
That they were in 4th grade when i graduated high school.
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