August 31st, 2002


Gah ups and downs.

Ok i'm no where near a neat freak.

My room is a mess 90 % of the time.

Closer to 99%.

Well since i've moved in I managed to get everything nice and neat and in place.

Except for my closet. All of my shirts are out in the hall closet because the clothes bar in my closet is busted.

I missed it when I moved in but we finally got the handyman to fix it.

So I got all my stuff organized.

For around 4 hours. Then

BAAAAAAM! my closet collapses. spilling clothes and such.

Bending the wall support (cheap metal to begin with.)

So I end up pounding it back in shape and reduce the load back to what it was before the handyman fixed it.

Went out came home a few minutes ago. It has crashed and crashed hard.

So now I get to talk to them tell them it was fixed but broke.

And wait some more.

If its not done by the time my parents get home from thier trip i will ask my dad for help.
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