September 10th, 2002


Allen and Associates.

Last thursday was a nice day for me.

Went out with friends.

At applebees while enjoying all you can eat riblets I got two phone calls.

The first my brother informing me that we got 500 bucks from my grandma for stuff around the apartment.

The second was from this company Allen and Associates.

They said they had my resume and scheduled an appointment for this morning.

From what i found on the website they talked about making a marketting plan for a person.

I thought they were a headhunter.

So I go in for an interview. I drag out the suit.
get dressed.

Drive about 40 minutes.

Get there.

They give me a "personality test" bascially which of these 50 words have people called you.
Which do you think describes you.

then watch a marketting film.

Then I talk to Ramona.

She starts explaining how they have these contacts and most jobs openings are never posted.

And i'm sensing sales pitch.

And she shows me examples of what things they have done for others.

Two problems:

The sheets only contain one that is for a similar job position as to what i'm looking for.

And the dates on theese things are like 97, 97, 98, 99. out of 10 bundles only 1 was from 2000 and it was the most recent.

Well while i'm looking at theese " Broadcast letters" she goes out to get my "personal plan"

Comes back and its a checklist sort of thing of what they do.

Then I finally see it. The price tag.

For thier training on interviews and thier copyrighted program.
And for them to redo my resume and create a broadcast letter.
They show me 100 companies that i pick 50 of.

Then they print out 10 copies of my resume and 50 of the broadcast letter on nice paper.

Which then gets sent out to the 50 companies.

And thats pretty much it.

What do they want to charge me for this service?

50? 100? 200?

No $1100.

I try to be polite and say I need to think about it for a day or so. and she starts pressuring.

"But everything will be different tommorow. There will be the extra competition. and blah blah blah"

I then firmly say no and tell her to have a good day.

I walk out with the price sheet and then i realize how over dressed i was.

I'm walking through the waiting room. There is a lady waiting for one of the other "consultants"
She looks up. I smile and nod saying good morning. She asks if I was Roul (the other consultant) I laugh and say no have a good day and leave.

Gah frustration renewed.
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