September 11th, 2002


Its scary how going places one used to can scare up skeletons

Went on IRC this evening trying out trillian Pro.

I went to the ohio channels on dalnet.

I used to be a regular. very much so.

I ran into K*.

K* is umm this girl i went out on a date with. Spent the night in her bed.

Well not really her bed. The bed in the guest room. Nothing much happened.

Well i got on base but that was about it.

Nothing ever really happened with it cause of distance.

I had driven 3 hours to go on the date with her.

So twas a little awkward.

But she happened to be in channel and we talked for a couple of minutes. Turns out she is now up in Michigan.
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Uh oh Turned the tv on.

Some sentimental Pap.

One I found disgusting. A show about babies born 6-11.

So your saying that cause you got a pity fuck cause some chick was worried about dieing you get on tv?

Though I did actually find a show that was interesting. It dealt with airport security after 9-11.
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Ok first one was funny now its annoying.

Big brother style ads on tv.

First one trying to get books that are "no longer available" then being grabbed by secret service.

Now one complaining about taxes and friends calming the guy down cause "they" can ruin your life.

all to the tag
"what if america wasn't america"

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