October 1st, 2002



Had fun.

They changed the game just for me. :)

The game is a LARP type game. if you have ever heard of NERO this is very similar as it sorta branched off of NERO.

I've gone 4 times now. While most people were either fighters or magic users. I was being a craftsman.

They made a Tinkerer class that I am now the first off. Well technically tied for first as another guy switched to the class as well.

But basically they told us. if it is a skill that makes something. We can get it.

They even gave us access to one of the schools of magic. though i don't have it. Not enough points.

But i've enjoyed being one of the towns only alchemists. I can make potions woohoo. :)

(potions are generally represented by pixie sticks. :) )
I literally ran around with a first aid box full of pixie stick healing potions.

I plan on getting my alchemy way off the scale. :)

I unfortunately have to wait until november before i can go to the campout again as the october event interferes with my cousins Bat Mitzvah.

Oh well. shall post more later i think. for now bed.
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