October 25th, 2002


Last night.

Felt alone alot though i was in a crowded room.

Ended up going to second friends house afterwards and it turned a bit interesting.

The others had witnessed a mother and two kittens and as they were approaching they ran under a parked car but there was someone in the parked car and choose to take off at that point.

So when they showed up at the persons house they had an injured mother and kitten with them. One guy had stayed behind to do clean up and put the squished kitty out of its misery.

so it was take care of the mother and surviving kitten. got a nice plate of chicken and water.

the mother must of been a house cat at one point since was really affectionate.

They are supposed to be taking the mother to a vet in the morning. though one of the friends was considering keeping the kitten.

Whats odd was last night i had a dream involving the kittens. Me and a friend (i don't remember who) were trapped under ground and we were trying to find our way out. We managed to dig through a bunch of tunnels. i think we found the way out so we went back to get some stuff and there was the mother and kitten. as we started to climb the mother picks the kitten up and lifts the kitten up to me and I carry the kitten out. thats all i can remember though
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