November 9th, 2002


Can't order them right now.....

Bur damnit I will at some point before Febuary.

Ok in the one camping larp i go to OGRE. Alchemy uses pixie sticks. (Healing potions and the such)

If the stick breaks you are sol. but my character last game really abused it. I had like 50 pixie sticks.

I literally used up all of the ones they had.

So to get some brownie points i plan on buying some for the group. seeing how i will most likely be using the most of them.

Well found the place i'm gonna order from.

$58 plus shipping for 14 pounds of pixie sticks. hehe

That would be 2500 of the little buggers. I can't wait to see thier faces.

This must be a once a year thing for me as in January I ordered 100 bucks worth of pocky for Ohayocon.
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