November 19th, 2002



Was watching Daria.

Left it playing.

So Being Eve is on.

My god. this science teacher named Electra showed up.

My GOD. The accent and shiver. LEATHER. LOTS OF LEATHER. and a neat tat.

Goodness if my science teach was like that......
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Quick update

Been playing Sims online. Its alright but i think they will want me to pay eventually which i doubt i will do.

Subscription gaming .. . baaaaaaaad.

But believe it or not I got a xmas present already. Mom didn't want it taking up space at her house.

She got me and my brother new bed sets. 2 new pillows each, new sheets, mattress pad, and comforter.

While they are nice my bed still feels like i'm in a hotel cause i haven't had them broken in.
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