January 25th, 2003



Its been building up alot since the con I helped run two weekends ago.

While I'm not mad at people for the con. I'm mad at how some people react. (No none of theese people read this journal so it isn't you.)

But I just haven't been able to shake the stress that was gathered there.

My model helped but that didn't last for too long.

Now this week I loose my brand new wallet that I got at the con. What do I loose.

My drivers liscence my credit cards, my bank cards, my student id, my aaa card.

AND I just realized my last unemploynment check was in it. gah

Besides the wallet i've also had my first two weeks of full time grad school and looked around for some more jobs.

I get nothing. no one respondss to any of my applications.

I just feel bad cause its turned me anti-social. I've skipped out on a couple of my regular role playing game sessions. and just haven't felt like toalking to people when i get a aim message from them.

And now my monistor is trying to get me to throw it out a window because it won't stay turned on....

It has a problem were something will short and is why I won't buy refurbished anymore.
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