January 26th, 2003


WOD question

Ok. I'm going to be going to a gaming con in a couple of weeks. Namely BASH-con.

Its the University of Toledo's gaming con. Well they have a LARP.

Its WOD based. They have werewolves, vamps, werebears, mortal hunters (dudes with faith).

But they have had some others thrown in at times. Like a croax, or an anastasi(sp?) and my one friend is trying to get them to let her play a ratkin.

Well I'm considering to play in it. and I want to know how far out of line this is.

I want to be a Croax. However by way of curse, defect or some method. His animal form has been altered.

So he doesn't transform into a crow. but infact turns into a duck.

And yes his name is Howard.

Any suggestions that might let the storyteller more likely to allow it?

Or the other route is What type of werewolf. would be more likely to have Howard. i.e. Not quite in the head. So he talks to Howard and such.

You know like in the cartoon. "I will love him, and squeeze him and pet him..." "which way did he go george, which way did he go?"

Yes the sole reason i am doing this is to use my giant stuffed duck doll named Howard. since last year at the con Howard got alot more action then I did.
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