January 29th, 2003


..... Kite that is tailess.....

Went to a "job fair" for a company.

Company is called Intellicorp they basically make a website that sheriffs can access and get info on a person.

There's like 3 states that use it. I applied for a Data Loader which they advertised as 35-45 k/yr.

I went there and it was more like a cattle call then job fair. You went in. signed in on a sheet saying what position.

I then had to sit around for like 20 minutes while i watched 2-3 people be intervied at a time. All of this in a room thats maybe the size of my living room.

So I eventually talked to this guy. Handed him my resume. He flipped through it. 2 pages of resume. then reference page and then the last page.

He comments about liking the paper color. Who was I to disaggree?

Well he gets to the last page and gets a puzzled look. I explain its a letter of recommendation from my last boss. I guess that this is a ummmm great thing.

Well he looked it over read me the job description. Where I basically said yeah got it. yep. yep. yep. etc.

And had his boss come talk to me for a second. She looked it over and talked to me for a second and said they wanted to schedule me for another interview. I said sure. They are going to call me sometime this week to set it up. They actually did write 2nd interview on my resume so I will hopefully hear from them soon.

Oh the job. basically take raw data and process it into a usable form.


Can't remember if I wrote about finding a cell phone and returning it.

But I got ahold of one at the con.

Well its been returned.

The owners mom sent me a letter.

It had a check for $50 bucks in it. woohoo. :)
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