February 18th, 2003


Starts and ends.

One comment on my last post.

Some of you may think it is about you. Well I won't be so gouche(sp?) as to say it isn't.

It may be.

But it isn't one person. Its just from overloading from lots of directions.

But I'm starting to get my ducks in a row. Need to hang up some baggage emotional and otherwise.

Whats really funny is i can make so many poetic analogies and such that its annoying.

Why? cause I recently put some stuff up on half.com. If you aren't familiar with it. its run by ebay and is sorta a non-auction version.

I post stuff and set the price. people buy it.

So what have i sold so far. A brick of a graphic novel.

Cages by David McKean.

Which is why I could make so many analogies. Cause its a graphic novel (as in comic) about finding oneself and living.

However you know what. ITS CRAP. I paid $50 bucks for it and it is complete and total pretentious crap.

I like a variety of artstyles but it was just grating and the story. well there wasn't a story really.

Of course opinions differ but if you look at the review they start reffering to "High Art" so there you go.

Stick figures I don't mind, but Line art.... ick

yeah yeah its late and this is getting long.

Oh I spent 50 on the book. sold it for 40. 6 bucks commision to half.com and 10 bucks s&h. basically i got 30 bucks out of it.
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I better ship it fast since amazon.com is selling the book for 35 and free shipping. heh
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