June 25th, 2003


Well I sorta got a job.

Worked today from 1 until 5 donig data entry. Supposidly this will last for about two weeks.

Its 10 an hour so I can't complain. But this is just a stop gap measure.

But its money. sigh
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Ok this just ticked me off a bit.

Was looking into certifications and stuff.

Came accross this add for a free demo and free online training type session for CISCO stuff.

So I filled out the online form. Unfortunately I was truthful.

I had given my phone number cause i never had anyone call.

Got a call from the company. They were trying to get me thier package for the Cisco training.

MY GOD hard sell. Want 700 bucks for the package. Told her it was out of my range. She asked how much and i said 200-400 sorta thing.

So then she tries selling me parts you know 1/2 price and get half now.

Well she had asked how long since i worked as I had told her i was unemployed.

WHAT DOES SHE DO? She starts saying "well you've been applying for the year right?" Ummm yeah. "Well you know employers make 2 piles and ...."

I sorta saw red and shut down listening. She the person who wants me the unemployed person with no income to spend 700 bucks on her boses cds.
Guy doesn't even have teaching degrees just the various certs.

And she starts by implying that my 6 years of college courses and 3 years work experience not counting my cop. MEAN nothing.

I realize shes just trying to get my money. But still its furitating.
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