July 29th, 2003


Birthday money gone.

I spent it at a convention two states away that I didn't go to. heh

I sent the money with friends who were going to gencon.

And they brought back two items.

One, the Dragonlance D20 setting book. Signed by Tracey Hickman and Margret Weiss. :)

The second, a small set of dice.

Which was more expensive?

The dice.

Why? cause I wanted a nice set of dice.

So I have a set of Amethyst dice. Of course this also means i am never buying another set of dice again.

Well with one exception. Ok theese dice are small. But the company that makes them does make "normal size" dice however they only do it at conventions.

So had I wanted I could of gotten full-sized Tiger eyes.
But I wanted Amethyst.

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This world is just a piss-soaked urinal cake. Everyone is just a hypocritical sell-out and should all be slaughtered like pigs. Everybody sucks. I wish they'd all die.
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