August 26th, 2003


Curious, the PGRDF (

Found this and thought eh, why not.
Plus I figure some of you out there would find more use of it then me.

Poly Geek Relationship Disclosure Form

version 1.03

Form PGRDF/1.03, for people met recently at parties in whom
a more-than-just-friendly interest has been mutually discovered
and disclosed.

Purpose: Form PGRDF/1.03 is intended to disclose important
relationship information in a humorous way, getting things
out into the open where they can be discussed without the
longer period of awkwardness associated with the early
phases of Relationship Guessing Game RGG/inf. RGG/inf.
has been proven to be non-terminating in some cases.

Disclaimer: PGRDF/1.03 is not a replacement for RGG/inf. It
will still be necessary to complete RGG/inf in most cases.
PGRDF/1.03 is intended as a supplementary disclosure form only,
and will usually only enable skipping to a later and less
awkward section of RGG/inf.

Notice: Usage of this form is largely restricted to poly geeks.
Most of the issues dealt with herein relate to poly relationships,
and most non-geeks experience difficulty filling it in honestly
due to insufficient dread of RGG/inf. Attempts at use by
non-poly people will be largely irrelevant; attempts at use
by non-geeks, for best results, should be monitored by a geek
who knows the filer well.

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