September 24th, 2003


Watched 2 movies tonight

Underworld and American Splendor.

Underworld eh. yeah very whitewolf.

American Splendor ended up depressing me.

I hadn't realized how much connection there was in the movie to me.

Both cleveland area, both working clerk jobs. Both have someone else with the same name in the cleveland area.

let alone love for comics and inability to draw a straight line.

Bur rhen theres the wierd shit.

Ok so he works at the VA in Cleveland. My dad works there. So theres a chance they have met.

And whats funny is my dad is IN THE MOVIE. not as a character. but an extra. He is supposidly in the first cafe scene with crumb and is wearing a hat.

My mom was also an extra but i guess didn't make the cut.
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More Irony in my life

So I've got Diebold interview tommorow.

An engineering consulting firm interview on monday.

And whats the irony. I'm getting paperwork to start my benefits with manpower shortly. Yes I've worked here long enough to start earning health and other benefits. And I may be quitting in the next month.

However i'm still going to sign up and hopefully have the insurance active shortly, so I can get a checkup.

Cause I haven't been 100% as of late.