September 26th, 2003


Good bad and eh.

Well its wierd. I don't qualify for benefits for Manpower yet.

I qualify to apply for benefits.

I worked 400+ hours which means I can apply and they become active at the 1st of the month that is after 30 days of working 400+.

Since I made 400+ in September. add 30 days.

So I will start getting benefits on November 1st. And if I start a new job I could keep my benefits going until new job kicks in through CORBA.

As for the job interview. It was neat. I would be working on the next line of ATMs. (not the voting at this point) But I would be writting to the Diebolds machine interface level. (Thier wrapper of the drivers for the various parts)

They took me on tour of the lab. Met manager, project lead and 2 of the project members. Thought I made a decent impression.

The only bad thing was that the Manager had talked about if I had contracted before and if I would be interested in contracting.

Which made me think I wasn't going to get the position intervied for. Cause he had made comments about because of the market getting so many resumes but only having one position.

However, after meeting with the team and manager, I talked with the HR person a little.

I asked for a general salary range. She explain how they post at the level of the person leaving they post the job at that level and look for people at that level & 1 lower.

If I was hired at the lower level. And if I got the very minimum that they hirer at that level. I'd be making $45,000 a year.

She said she could see the position being hired in at between $45 and $60k.

Plus good benefits.

So yeah I've become religious over this position. HR lady says decision should be made during next week.

Of course if I don't get the position and don't get offered contract work, I will talk to the Hr lady about doing a co-op with them again.

Oh side note: Have interview on monday with small consulting firm and phone call yesterday from an IT recruiter.